Sorry again

Yes, I promised that I will write a new post on the 8th of March, but I didn`t. I`m sorry. I promise to change (realy). And now I want to write about my hair. I have split ends and I wanted to dye my hair to another color. On 9th of March hairdresser came to our home and my mom change her hair a little, my grandma change her hair a little and I too. Now I my hair are ginger. Not much, but there is hue. 
Now trip. You`re still interested to hear about my trip? Please write in comments. If yes, then I will write today-tomorow about it. 

Sorry, this post is short again. I promise that next post will be bigger. And now


Your`s Cortney.


10 месяцев назад
Is your hair ginger? That's great! I like this color.
Yeah, tell us about your trip))). It'll be interesting))).
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