Do you know what treason is?

Do you know what treason is? I think that many people survived it. But I didn’t. Well, it wa, but I can’t named it treason. It was like a small row. 

Do you remember Unicorn? Yes, this story about him. 

I hope you remember that I have a boyfriend. I will call him Rose. Recently I have spoken with Unicorn. He wanted to beat up Rose. I was just worried about him and so I told to Unicorn not to beat him. 


As usual Rose ran to Unocorn. And in the end, Unicorn forwarded my messages with my requests. Rose went out of the network.  I still for about an hour listened to these ridicule. 

Unicorn wrote

(U-Unicor, I-I)

U:Sorry, I must do it because I’m not a liar. (in Russia-пиздабол)

I:I don’t want to speak with you 


Write when you will want to speak

I won‘t blacklist you

Thanks to my friend Ringlets

I want to tell her a BIG BIG THANKS for all, because she supported me and she is supporting me now, while I am writing this post. Thanks again)

Now I deleted my all social networks and I’m speaking with Ringlets in the Telegram.

And I want to change the name of blog, because I don’t write about ”magical moments“. What do you think about this? Write in comments. And now



Your’s Cortney.


8 месяцев назад
these* emotions

8 месяцев назад
I think you can name it exactly as you want. It's your diary.
But, yeah... Agata said true. Maybe this situation and there emotions could become a little bit dangerous for you...

9 месяцев назад
By the way, as for a man and a woman, it's better to say "cheat" or "cheating" than "treason" or "change".

9 месяцев назад
If you change your blog name, you will be lost and sunk in some kind of negative emotions like hate, jealosy, hurt or grievance... I think, you should forget about this destructive emotions and feelings and stop writing about them. Better remember your real joy and pleasure you used to felt sometime before. About people or happenings that brought you real joy, happiness or pleasure! I'm sure you had this magical moments... Write about them!
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