Sorry. I didn't write for 4 days because I haven't many time in the week. In the last post I saw 7 views. I hope someone like my blog. In this week wasn't much fun in my life. And so I will write about my father. He changed my mom 4 years ago. And if someone is interested,  no, it doesn't hurt to talk about this. It was in United Arab Emirates and it was my mom's birthday. My father instead of congratulating mom, he was chatting with unfamiliar woman. When my mum saw this, she told it to me. After that father and I went to the water motorbike. He said that my mom is guilty about this. When we return to Russia, father left us and went to Moscow. 

Now he went to us every month and give presents to us.

Please write to comments about what I can write in the next post.



Your Cortney.


8 месяцев назад
Well. it's so sad. Your father cheated on your mom... I feel sorry for you.

9 месяцев назад
"Please write to comments about what I can write in the next post."

It's in the name of your blog... Write about magical moments in your life.
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