Hi everybody.

Hi. My name isn`t Cortney, it is my pseudonym. I want to answer a few questions:

1)Why do you write on English?

Because I`m learning English and I want to improve my English.

2)Where do you live?

I live in Russia.

3)Why did you take a pseudonym? And why exactly this?

I took a pseudonim because I would like to write anonymously. Why exactly this? Lol, this is very stupid story. I went to the site "Random names" and this name was the first.

I think a few people will read this blog, because it is in English.

If you read up to this point and you have questions ask me)



Your`s Cortney


8 месяцев назад
Hi, Cortney. How are you doing?
I write my blog in Russian. But I can text you in English, if you like. I'd be glad to talk to you somehow))).
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